Similes - like ...

Similes - like ...
like a bat out of hell
like a bear with a sore head
like a blue streak
like a bolt from the blue
like a bolt out of the blue
like a brother
like a donkey between two bundles of hay
like a dream
like a drowned rat
like a fish out of water
like a flash
like a good citizen
like a hen on a hot girdle
like a hen on a hot griddle
like a house on fire
like a human being
like a lamb to the slaughter
like a lampligher
like a lord
like a man
like a mother
like a red rug to a bull
like shot
like a square peg in a round hole
like a streak
like a streak of lightening
like a virtuoso
like woman
like an amateur
like an eel to skinning
like blue murder
like clock work
like crazy
like hot cakes
like looking for a needle in a haystack
like mad
like nothing on earth
like one man
like one possessed
like rabbits in a warren
ciasno jak króliki w klatce
like the wind
to eat like a bird
to eat like a pig
like a tiger
to swim like a fish
like a wolf in sheep's clothing
to sleep like a baby
to know (sth) like the back of one's hand
to fit like a glove
to run like a deer
to chatter like a monkey
to move like a snail
to stick out like a sore thumb
to fight like cats and dogs
to smoke like a chimney
to sleep like a log
to fit like a glove



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