Relative Clauses Worksheet 1 (bài tập)

Relative Clauses Worksheet 1

Relative Pronouns


Use the relative pronouns in the box to complete the sentences

who(m) that which where when whose

1. The doctor _______ examined the child was very gentle.

2. I live in Canada, _______ is a densely populated country.

3. Lee teaches a class of students _______ native language is not English.

4. Yesterday, I ran into an old friend _______ I hadn't seen for years.

5. Dan says he will always remember the day _______ his parents first bought him a

bike for his birthday.

6. That's the drawer _______ I keep my jewellery.

7. The town _______ I used to live in was not very big.

8. The people _______ house I am staying at are very kind to me.

9. Is this store _______ you said you bought the fishing equipment?

10. Here is the place _______ grandpa always used to talk about.

11. I am in need of a coat _______ will keep me warm.

12. We don't have a big enough room in _______ we can apply sample tests.

13. Why don't you consult someone _______ has experienced the same troubles?

14. The woman _______ husband is a football player always complains about the

stains _______ never come off easily.

15. Here is a big thank you to all _______ contributed to this wonderful website.

16. What I'm now going to tell you is something _______ you'll never foget in your life.

17. The severe drought _______ occured last summer ruined the crop.

18. The voters were overwhelmingly against the canditate _______ proposals called for

higher taxes.



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