a short cut a quicker or easier way of going somewhere or doing something There are no short cuts to become a good manager, just a lot of hard work and experience.
at short notice with little warning, shortly before something has to be done You can’t expect me to do the work at such short notice. I need more time.
be short with someone to be abrupt, unfriendly Have I done something wrong? The boss was very short with me.
be / run short of something not to have enough of something, e.g. time, money, food Because we’re running rather short of time, so we will discuss the last two points next time.
be taken short to have to go a toilet quickly It must be very embarrassing to be taken short in the middle of a lecture.
cut something short to bring something to an end before the expected time We got an emergency call, so we had to cut the meeting short.
fall short of one’s hopes/expectations to be inadequate, disappointing, not as much/as good as one had hoped or expected The interview went very well, but the salary they offered me fell short of my expectations.
for short as an abbreviation His name’s Conrad Jackson, but everybody calls him 'Kojak' for short.
have a short temper to become angry easily, frequently or quickly His father had a short temper, so Tom was seldom naughty as a child.
in short briefly, in a few words, in summary The weather was good and the hotel was first-rate. In short, the holiday was most enjoyable.
in short supply scarce, not enough available Good workers seem to be in short supply in this department. Almost everyone’s taking a coffee break again.
little/nothing short of little/nothing less than What you are suggesting we can do is little short of blackmail.
make short work of something to deal with something quickly "Are there many letters to answer?" "Only three, so we’ll make short work of them.
short and to the point (a speech, order, letter etc.) short, direct and clear, possibly abrupt Don’t make the speech too long. Keep it short and to the point.
short of something / doing something except, apart from They say he’s capable of anything short of murder.



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